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Is a clinic specialized in bariatric procedures, better known as weight loss procedures, which was born from a need to help patients change and improve their lifestyle.



The original clinic, Body Art Surgical, was founded in the Zona Rio de Tijuana. Specialized in plastic surgery, the clinic had 2 operating rooms, 7 beds and a staff prepared to provide personalized service to each patient.

Body Art Surgical always had the goal of providing quality service and it was thanks to them that it managed to grow. It was thanks to the growth of the clinic that the two specialties began to emerge: plastic surgery and bariatrics.

theater of operations


Thanks to the dedication of the team behind Body Art Surgical, the opportunity was given to explore the field of bariatrics, which culminated in the founding of Body Art BARIATRICS.

By specializing in weight loss surgeries, the company's fundamental values were always maintained, adding to them a value that was considered essential for Body Art BARIATRICS, which is empathy. When seeking to improve patients' lifestyles, empathy was an essential value for the clinic.


We seek to improve the health of our patients hand in hand with the large team of professionals who work every day to offer a comprehensive service, in addition to human and personal attention.


We are a team of professionals dedicated to offering the best service to people seeking to undergo a bariatric procedure in Tijuana, to improve their quality of life and avoid diseases associated with excess weight. We put at your disposal the most advanced treatments and the latest medical technology. Because your health is the most important thing for us.

What professionals are part of the comprehensive team?

When you consult a bariatric professional for any surgical intervention, you also have the support and collaboration of other specialists graduated in different areas of health that are related and complementary, and who will guarantee that the treatment performed is comprehensive and takes into account all aspects of the patient's life.

Bariatric Surgeons

With more than 8 years of experience. Certified


With more than 8 years of experience. Certified


Specialized in the field of bariatrics. 


Doctor for follow-up

Specialized in the field of bariatrics. To attend to medical follow-up before, during and after the procedure.


Bariatric nurses with multiple years of experience in the field.


Specialists in bariatric nutrition.


Specialists in health psychology for bariatric patients.

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